Ellie Mae - AppraisalTek Encompass Updates

November 15, 2018 Minor Release:
Updates mostly include methods for hard stops and error overrides if they occur. More enhanced Appraiser Verification and Performance Montioring has also been implemented. An easy to use Reconsideration interface for all clients will also be deployed soon through our delivery gateway.

A Side by Side PDF Comparison with advanced image comparison technology has been deployed and delivered for all clients with Revised Appraisals since August 2018.

July 2, 2018 Minor Release:
Updates include the replacement of "In Review" status with "Quality Control". "In Progress", to indicate when the Appraiser has made an Appointment, "Reconsideration", and "Waiting for Payment" for clients that require payment before delivery. New updates to our platform provide enhanced tools for Appraiser assignment and tracking the progress of your orders.

April 14, 2018 Release:
Exciting updates and fixes have been released with the latest version. They include prefilled order details, completed appraisal package updates (removing duplicates), and importing data from the Appraisals. Some are outlined below:

Importing Data:
Default import items are preselected. Selecting Update will import the Appraisal forms data that is checked into the appropriate Encompass data fields for the user. For example: Conditions (Encompass Field ID 2362) will import into the Encompass Underwriting form. We have added two Custom Fields for clients who may wish more information to be imported into the Conditions field (Encompass Field ID 2362).

Please contact your Encompass Representative for details on Field ID locations and purpose.

Update Order, Order Dates, smaller Delivery foot print as well as other corrections and enhancements

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