Development of an Opinion of Market Value in the Aftermath of a Disaster  

A great read in understanding what appraisers need to analyze going forward. Credit The Appraisal Institute. Thank you for providing.

Real World Appraisal 2 CE Handouts  


Real World Appraisal 2  

CE Class Presentation

Luxury Agent - Appraiser Presentation 07/18  


Company Brochure  

Personal Service And Professional Dedication is why Appraisaltek is unlike any other Management Company in the market today.

Privacy Policy  

Keeping your information secure is important to us. The following policy explains how we collect, use, share, and protect personal information. Please read this notice to understand what we do to protect your information.

Index Tab Tutorial

Turorial Presentation for using the 'Printable Index Tab Dividers for Appraiser Toolkit' below.

Printable Index Tab Dividers for Appraiser Toolkit  

You can print this template to any divider set that is configured for letter size binders. Please reach out to us for assistance, we would be happy to help!

Encompass Client Tutorial  

A short tutorial of Appraisal ordering and processing though the custom AppraisalTek Direct Integration interface, in the Encompass system.

Preparing Your Home for an Appraisal  

It will help you understand the appraisal process, the appraiser and what to expect during the inspection.

National Association of Realtors - Rethinking Real Estate Valuations Rethinking Real Estate Valuations and Alternatives to Traditional Appraisals

A easy tool to analyze changing markets  

This excel tool is very simple to use. The tool calculates differences in sales prices, showing you the percentage change on a daily, annual and monthly basis.

How Do Appraisers Analyze Changing Markets  

A quick read. The first logic in changing markets, is to understand the market forces that are behind the change.

FHA to Stop Insuring Loans with PACE Assessments  

WASHINGTON - The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) today announced it is reversing a short-lived policy announced in July of 2016 and will no longer insure new mortgages on properties that include Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) assessments. Read FHAs mortgagee letter.

Appraisers Analysis of Pearl National Home Certification Sales Premiums  

An excellent read, by a great author of Green Sandra Adomatis, SRA, LEED Green Associate.

Appraisal Practices Board - Valuation of Green & High Performance Property  

Great Read! If you are interested in reading about valuation of green - high performance properties, take the time to read.

Web Resources for Solar Valuation - Appraisal Institute  

See PDF, this provides a ton of resources - Thank you Appraisal Institute!

Industry Partners Conference - Solar Conversation  

A quick summary on our discussion. I highly recommend you visit - search for Green Resources. Please see other posts.

Solar - How PV System Ownership Can Impact Market Value - Sandia Report  

A great read on how to analyze ownership of PV systems and potential impact on market value.

Valuation of Solar Using Discounted Cash Flow - The Appraisal Journal  

Great Read for all who attended Industry Partners Conference 2017

Solar Home Paired Sales - The Appraisal Journal  

Looking for data on solar. Great Read, Sandra K. Adomatis, SRA is one of the best when it comes to green home appraising. Enjoy!

2017 Reconsideration Policy  

Please make sure the client fills out. AppraisalTek has to screen the reconsideration to ensure its credible. Keep in mind, most appraisers have 15+ years experience. This form is a serious matter. We respect the consumers concern with the final opinion. We also have a high regard to protect appraisers independence, their license and respecting their expertise. The client must provide strong rationale and support for a credible reconsideration.

APB Valuation Advisory Identifying Comparable Prop  

Great read on identifying comps. We always get questions on how appraisers select comps. This will take you 20 minutes to read. Enjoy!

Fannie Mae Collateral Policy Update  

FNMA Collateral Policy Update - recent updates on Appraisal Quality, Collateral Underwriter Updates, etc.

Real Estate Market & Neighborhood Cycles  

Please study the charts and analyze which cycle phase your neighborhood or market area falls.

Basic AppraisalTEK Website Navigation  

How to access our site, communicate with us and upload finished reports

Adding your AIR Statement  

How weve made it easy to include your Appraiser Independence Certificate into the report

Effective Plat and Aerial Maps- The Snipping Tool  

How to include effective maps in your reports

Creating Proper XML 1004Ds  

How to create the correct Final Inspection Form

Location Maps  

How to annotate your location maps so readers can see boundaries

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