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State Coverage, Licensing, & Insurance

State License, select the state, enter the license/Certification info, and upload a PDF copy of your License or Certification.  

State: License/Certification Number: Verify License Type: Expiration Date: Upload License (PDF format only)
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E&O Insurance Information

Policy # Carrier: Expiration Date Coverage Amount Upload E&O (PDF format only)  
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Sample Appraisal 1

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Sample Appraisal 2

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Additional Information

HUD/FHA certified (auto verification)
VA certified
Experience with Luxury, Custom or homes over 1 million dollars
MLS available in your market area
Experience with REO properties
if not, please enter non-MLS Source
Experience with Manufactured Homes

Available to perform:
Desk Reviews
Field Reviews
Manufactured Homes
Modular Homes
New Construction
Small Income Residential 2-4 units

If yes, please enter details: 

If yes, explain: 

If yes, explain: 

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AppraisalTek is committed to providing the highest level of service and quality to our clients. This agreement ensures AppraisalTek Appraisers & Affiliate Appraisers provide consistent, quality reports, timely delivery, and meet the performance demands of appraisal practice.

  • AppraisalTek requires a high-level of professionalism and requires “business casual” dress during the inspection (flip flops, sandals, shorts, & sleeveless shirts are prohibited).
  • In maintaining professionalism, AppraisalTek requires owner/occupant conversations to be limited to relevant property discussion (conversation related to race, religion, political views, and social orientation is prohibited). Always maintain objectivity.
  • During the appraisal process, please be respectful to all parties including real estate professionals, borrowers, sellers and anyone you encounter. As appraisers, we understand nuances that arise, but our job is to analyze, verify and report. When interviewing market participants whom you may disagree with, please remain professional and objective.
  • All completed reports must be in compliance with current USPAP standards.
  • AppraisalTek requires strict & absolute adherence to assignment conditions listed on the Engagement Letter.
  • AppraisalTek requires all reports to include a certification regarding adherence to “Appraiser Independence Requirements” as outlined in the Engagement Letter.
  • AppraisalTek panel appraisers are required to maintain Errors & Omissions coverage of no less than $500,000 for each claim & $1,000,000 aggregate.
  • The assigned appraiser must be the one to inspect & complete the report. No Supervisory Appraisers permitted.
  • Any requests for Scope of Work and/or fees modifications are required to be submitted prior to inspection or no later than 12 hours post inspection.
  • AppraisalTek requires appointments to be scheduled immediately and orders to be updated within 24-48 hours (pending access).
  • Completed assignments are due no later than 48 hours after inspection (unless arrangements have been made within 12 hours after inspection with AppraisalTek administration).
  • AppraisalTek requires that all clarification and/or revision requests be addressed within 24 hours.
  • Appraiser may be placed on HOLD status if 3 or more consecutive orders are declined.
  • An electronically signed copy of this certification is required by all AppraisalTek & Affiliate Appraisers in order to continue receiving orders.
  • Failure to comply with the terms of this Service Level Agreement/Code of Conduct may result in removal from AppraisalTek’s panel.
  I verify that I have read the above listed AppraisalTek Service Level Agreement / Code of Conduct
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